Complementary PNT is essential to the resilience of critical infrastructure, so it is an appropriate choice for the subject of the cover story in the July 2023 edition of GPS World. The piece, entitled “PNT by Other Means” (web page version | magazine version), features interviews with several industry leaders, including Dr. Michael O’Connor, the CEO of Satelles.

Excerpts from the interview included in the story focus on STL from Satelles as the ideal complement to GPS/GNSS and a global source of PNT, especially within indoor environments. Dr. O’Connor highlighted the performance characteristics of STL for timing synchronization applications, including for 5G networks, data centers, and other types of critical infrastructure.

Most notably, Dr. O’Connor called attention to the growing number of companies producing STL-capable receivers, including Safran Trusted 4D (formerly known as Orolia), VIAVI Solutions (through their acquisition of Jackson Labs Technologies), and Adtran (through their Oscilloquartz line of network synchronization products).

The Satelles CEO also talked about third-party validation of STL as a timing source, including by NIST in the U.S. and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.

The transcript of the full interview with Dr. O’Connor conducted by GPS World Editor-in-Chief Matteo Luccio also appears on the publication’s website.