Iridium was a sponsor and exhibitor at this week’s annual Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems, just as Satelles (acquired by Iridium in April 2024) has done for the past few years.

Hosted by the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), WSTS is a forum where timing experts from around the world gather to address evolving sync requirements, the deployment of new sync systems and standards, and the impacts across multiple markets and industry sectors.

In addition to conducting a live demonstration of Iridium® Satellite Time and Location service in the exhibit hall and meeting with current and potential customers and partners, team members from Iridium’s PNT Group gave presentations that showcased Iridium STL:

  • Christina Riley, VP/GM of Commercial PNT, spoke about Iridium STL as a high-performance and fully resilient PNT service for timing synchronization.
  • Trevor Landon, VP of R&D, delivered a main stage presentation entitled “Frequency-Dependent Design Considerations for Alternative PNT Systems” as part of the Alternative PNT track.
  • Charlie Meyer, Senior Technical Director, shared a poster presentation about NIST’s evaluation of Iridium STL.

Also in the Iridium delegation were Dr. Michael O’Connor, Executive VP of Iridium’s PNT Group, and Lisa Turkeltaub, Director of Commercial PNT.

Iridium is scheduled to exhibit at other conferences later this year, including ION GNSS+ (Baltimore; September) and ITSF (Seville; November).