STL 5G Timing Synchronization 

  • Resilient, alternative PNT service from low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites
  • STL-only receivers available; no reliance on GPS/GNSS
  • <25ns 1-sigma accuracy*
  • Can be used as a primary source of time or a backup
  • Can be used in indoor locations where the GPS/GNSS signal fails
  • Helps ensure the survivability and resilience of critical infrastructure 

*Oscillator/product dependent  

STL Zero Trust – Trusted Location by Satelles  

  • Position Validation – verifies a GPS/GNSS location has not been compromised or spoofed 
  • Early warning of GPS/GNSS spoofing activities  
  • Provides another trusted source of location to complement GPS/GNSS 
  • Improves the resiliency of your Zero Trust location efforts 
  • Serves as a redundant system for critical information processing functions


STL Geo-Authenticate 

  • Authenticate a user’s location without GPS/GNSS technology to mitigate data spoofing
  • Provides a new and drastically more effective means of authentication — fourth factor of authentication
  • Authenticate the trusted location of things (e.g., servers, equipment, etc.) or people (e.g., accessing files, approving a transaction) 
  • Enhance cybersecurity and thwart bad actors

STL Navigation  

  • Global navigation services when GNSS is compromised
  • Multi-sensor integration by partners to provide performance enhancement
  • PNT accuracy and resiliency improvements through our partner constellations

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