Satelles recently exhibited at the International Timing & Sync Forum in Düsseldorf, Germany, demonstrating the latest STL-compatible user equipment, including receivers that meet the performance and operational specifications of 5G wireless providers and data center companies.

ITSF is one of the leading timing conferences in the world. This year’s event welcomed a record 300+ delegates from 35 countries.

Christina Riley (VP/GM of Commercial Business) and Charlie Meyer (Technical Director) headed up the Satelles delegation. Christina and Charlie had many in-depth conversations with ITSF attendees about STL as a primary source of time and a robust indoor timing synchronization solution.

Customers use STL either as a primary source of time — for example, 5G network and data center deployments where GPS/GNSS is unavailable indoors or when distributed PTP cannot meet needed accuracies — or as an essential contingency capability to protect the operations of PNT-dependent systems and ensure survivability and resilience.

In addition to exhibiting at ITSF, Satelles was featured on the main stage. Charlie gave a talk entitled “Using LEO PNT to Synchronize Indoor 5G RAN.”

Charlie’s presentation showcased the benefits of LEO PNT, especially for indoor environments. He demonstrated how STL is ideal for providing timing synchronization to 5G RAN gear in high multipath urban environments, data centers, and other locations where an indoor solution is needed. STL is a Stratum 0 signal that can be used to discipline a Stratum 1 clock to be compliant with the ITU-T G.8272 PRTC-A standard.

Companies that need an innovative indoor timing source for synchronization applications are invited to contact us to learn more about STL.