The cover of the July 2021 issue of SpaceNews reflects the publication’s focus this month on the importance of GPS/GNSS and other PNT matters. One of the featured stories — “Startups Map Out Strategies to Augment or Backup GPS” (pp. 14-16) — shines the spotlight on alternative forms of PNT.

This article covers multiple technologies and showcases STL as one of the most innovative sources of PNT. Quotes from Michael O’Connor, the CEO of Satelles, address the technology of STL and the way it protects critical infrastructure, such as wireless telecom companies and energy providers.

Also in the new issue is a brief write-up about the Open PNT Industry Alliance (p. 17), in which Satelles is a member. OPIA represents a range of manufacturers and service providers that promote a competitive and open market and advocate for certain policy positions.

UPDATE: The web version of this SpaceNews story was published on August 4, 2021.