“Over the past few years we have been working closely with one of our strategic partners, Satelles, and together we’ve made modifications to our network to deliver time and location signals from our satellites globally and on demand. The Iridium high power signal operates in buildings and other areas where GPS signals cannot be received. This service, called Satelles Timing and Location or STL, is expected to be operational in the 2016 timeframe.

In the meantime, we will continue to focus on how our unique network can assist DoD in their pursuit of assured position, navigation and timing technologies.

We are also exploring ways the Iridium network can provide advancements in cybersecurity and data protection, to help eliminate and mitigate some of the capability risks and gaps that exist today in this emerging problem space. In addition, the need for increased data dissemination using higher bandwidth is a persistent challenge within the DoD. We are responding to this through two major upcoming milestones.

First is the launch of Iridium NEXT, which will enable innovation in technology and ultimately deliver more products and services to our customers, including DoD in the very near future.” Link to Original Article