Timing synchronization solution from Satelles recognized for indoor operation within 5G networks

RESTON, Va., May 25, 2023 – Satelles, Inc. (www.satelles.com), innovative provider of highly secure satellite-based time and location services, today announces it has been named as a winner in this year’s Small Cell Forum Industry Awards. STL (Satellite Time and Location) took the top spot in the Small Cell Forum’s “Outstanding Innovation in Chips or Components to Enable Small Cell Networks” category in an awards ceremony in London.

“Small cells need a reliable source of precise time for 5G network synchronization, most notably those that must operate indoors where signals from the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are very difficult to receive,” said Christina Riley, Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Enterprise Solutions at Satelles.

“We are honored that the independent judges recognized that compared to GPS/GNSS, STL provides timing for network synchronization with a signal 1,000 times stronger, is significantly more secure, and is readily available to our customers at a lower deployment cost,” said Riley.

Available on timing sync equipment from leading manufacturers, STL is a Stratum 0 UTC source of time that can be used to create a Stratum 1 timing clock compliant with the ITU-T G.8272 PRTC-A performance standard. It works indoors, so wireless carriers do not have to obtain roof rights to install an outdoor antenna, absorb the cost to own and maintain it, or deal with the hassle and expense of coring through floors to run the necessary cabling.

Carriers choose STL not only because it is easier to install than GPS/GNSS but also due to its greater reliability within challenging environments. Network operators adopting the low Earth orbit (LEO) broadcast service as a primary source of time benefit from operational improvements such as fewer field service truck rolls. STL is also implemented as a redundant source of time by companies concerned about the vulnerabilities and cybersecurity threats related to GPS/GNSS.

The SCF Industry Awards category win is the second wireless sector accolade for Satelles in the past six months. STL previously earned a Fierce Telecom Award in December 2022 for its timing sync contribution to the deployment of next-gen wireless networks.

Visit the awards website (https://www.smallcellforum.org/awards-2023/) to learn more about why the Small Cell Forum chose STL as a winner in 2023.

About Satelles

Satelles provides secure time and location signals from low Earth orbit (LEO) that are resilient to regional outages of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Satelles’ STL (Satellite Time and Location) service safeguards against devastating attacks to GPS/GNSS capable of disrupting or disabling electrical grids, wireless communications networks, financial systems, and other private and public infrastructure in ways that seriously imperil the safety and security of our society. Unlike many other alternative PNT solutions that are still in development, Satelles is commercially sold throughout the world today.

Available anywhere on the planet, the STL service delivers assured positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) via a satellite broadcast signal that is stronger and more secure than other solutions. The company delivers assured PNT at levels of stability, reliability, and trust required by commercial enterprises and government entities across a range of critical infrastructure, IoT, and cybersecurity applications. Satelles partners with device manufacturers to incorporate STL signal support into today’s latest equipment, bringing the benefits of Satellite Time and Location to customers around the world.

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