Historic Antwerp, Belgium, will be the site for this year’s International Timing and Sync Forum  (ITSF). One of the preeminent global timing conferences, this year’s ITSF will once again feature Satelles as a sponsor and exhibitor.

The Satelles team will speak about and demonstrate STL (Satellite Time and Location), a highly resilient and complementary form of PNT that meets the needs of critical infrastructure in multiple sectors.

STL is relied upon today to provide timing synchronization, not just as a backup to GPS but as a primary source of time. For example, telecom installations are getting timing from STL where GPS was not able to meet the timing needs of 5G. This is especially important indoors where it is difficult to receive GPS. Timing requirements for data centers, financial services, the electrical grid, and other sectors are also met by STL.

Top executives from Satelles and members of the Commercial Enterprise Solutions team will be on hand to discuss real-world applications for STL as well as innovative strategic partnerships. The team looks forward to meeting other timing professionals October 30 – November 2, 2023 in Antwerp.

Christina Riley, Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Enterprise Solutions networking at ITSF 2022.

Christina Riley, Satelles VP/GM of Commercial Enterprise Solutions at ITSF 2022