Satelles recently exhibited at the Mobile World Congress conference in Las Vegas (September 28-30, 2022).

Our team spoke to wireless carriers about the vulnerabilities of relying on GPS/GNSS for timing synchronization as well as the requirement for an exterior antenna. Satellite Time and Location (STL) from Satelles is a complement or alternative to GPS/GNSS that is secure and needs only a small indoor antenna to operate.

Wireless carriers need STL as a primary source of PNT for 5G deployments where GPS/GNSS is unavailable indoors or when distributed PTP cannot meet needed accuracies. STL is also ideal as an essential contingency capability to protect the operations of PNT-dependent systems and ensure survivability and resilience.

Visitors to the Satelles booth learned that STL is a Stratum 0 source of timing compliant with ITU-T G.8272, delivers a PRTC-A level of accuracy, and provides timing sync to RAN gear where GPS is unavailable.

STL has been tested and validated by DOT, DHS, and NIST, and the service is globally available today with the performance required by private sector leaders and civil government officials.