On October 18, 2019, a Satelles delegation attended the Annual Cyber & Space Summit held at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., and hosted by C5 Accelerate (C5A), a global business accelerator.  The event featured panel discussions on cybersecurity and space by various leaders in the industry, including Satelles CEO Mike O’Connor, Iridium CEO Matt Desch, and C5 Capital Managing Partner André Pienaar.

The conference began early in the morning with a fireside chat with Messrs. Desch and Pienaar, during which the future of the global space economy was discussed. Satelles’s Mike O’Connor participated in the eleven o’clock panel, Plotting the Future of Space.  The event rounded out with another fireside chat, during which the intersection of cyber and space in national security was discussed by former congressional and military leaders. C5A also introduced the conference participants to leaders from the startup companies of its most recent (and sixth overall) accelerator program, the Network Accelerator, which focuses on startups working in cyber and space.

According to C5A Managing Partner Kurt Scherer, this year’s Cyber & Space Summit was exceptionally important due to the growing amount of cyber threats jeopardizing the space economy sector. This conference served as a convening of “global space and cyber leaders from multiple arenas, including corporate, policy, military, academic, and entrepreneurial; together, with the catalyst of venture capital, we can find the most innovative solutions to address this challenge.”

Secure Time and Location (STL) from Satelles was recognized as a solution to the mounting threats our Global Positioning System has recently faced. As a unique global time and location solution that is wholly independent from and complementary to GPS, STL safeguards against devastating attacks to GPS/GNSS capable of disrupting or disabling private and public infrastructure in ways that seriously imperil the safety and security of our society.

Available anywhere on the planet, the STL service delivers assured positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) via an encrypted satellite broadcast signal that is stronger and more secure than other solutions. Satelles offers assured PNT at levels of stability, reliability, and trust required by commercial enterprises and government entities across a range of critical infrastructure, IoT, and cybersecurity applications.