Satelles CEO, Dr. Michael O’Connor, presented Iridium analysts and stakeholders with updates on STL market potential at the recent Iridium 2019 Analyst Day event. Iridium is an equity stakeholder in Satelles and also partners with Satelles to provide the revolutionary new signal in space (Satellite Time and Location or “STL”) via Iridium NEXT constellation.

Commentary excerpt from Chris Quilty, Founder and Partner of Quilty Analytics:

“According to Quilty, the most important takeaways from Iridium’s 2019 investor day event were substantial dividend upside from Iridium Aireon and Satelles technologies, and the company management’s belief that the network can support $1 billion in revenues.

Satelles holds more than 40 patents for STL technology it has been developing with Iridium, which is an equity holder, during the past nine years. STL provides assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) and cybersecurity capabilities for defense, enterprise, and transportation markets.“ Link