Iridium’s Scott Scheimreif was recently interviewed by and provided insight regarding the Satelles STL solution.

“Satelles uses the Iridium® LEO satellite constellation to transmit specially structured signals to provide position, navigation and timing data that can penetrate many difficult environments including deep indoors. Compared to GNSS signals like GPS, Iridium signals have much higher raw signal power (300 -2400x) as seen by a receiver on Earth, making them attractive for use in location applications where GNSS signals are obstructed, for example deep indoors.”

He went on to explain, “Unlike GNSS satellites, Iridium uses spot beams to focus its transmissions on a relatively small geographic area. Each satellite supports 48 spot beams. The complex overlapping spot beams of Iridium combined with the randomized STL broadcasts offer a unique mechanism to provide location based authentication that is extremely difficult to spoof. Satelles offers a worldwide Position Navigation and Time solution that provides a unique capability to perform in GPS/GNSS denied environments. Additionally the STL signal structure and system design (combined with the unique capabilities of Iridium) is very difficult to spoof and can be used to not only calculate user location but prove that location in applications where position and time assurance is critical.”  Link to Article: The Future and Evolution of GPS and Personal Tracking Devices — “The Market Is Undergoing a Significant Transition Period: New Tracking Technologies Can Work With or Without GPS