The International Institute of Marine Surveying recently published the following article on Satelles entitled “New Development To Combat the Issue of GPS Jamming and Spoofing:”
GPS is now recognised as being vulnerable to jamming either by accident or by design and despite a lot of talk from politicians there is no back up if the system goes down through jamming or spoofing. A solution to this vulnerability now exists in the form of Satellite Time and Location (STL) signals. “STL signals provide the safest, strongest, most dependable backup to our GPS infrastructure and they originate from the Iridium satellites, whose beams are high-powered, location-specific, and incredibly difficult to jam.” commented American company Satelles who have developed the system. Their time and positioning system that uses the powerful Iridium signals as a means of propagating enhanced GPS information which is claimed to be much more reliable and powerful than the original GPS signals alone. Link to full article