Satelles CEO, Mike O’Connor, sat down with GPS World for a Q&A about Satellite Time and Location (STL) as an innovative PNT service.

Entitled “High-Power Satellites Go Beyond,” the piece articulates O’Connor’s thoughts about the ways in which STL complements GPS/GNSS and the operational characteristics that allow STL to provide accurate and trusted PNT information if GPS/GNSS is degraded, denied, or otherwise unavailable, such as in the case of an outage.

O’Connor said this in response to a question about the early adopters of STL:

Satelles’ LEO satellite solution is available today, has global coverage, and is relatively affordable. It leverages the capital investments that have been made to launch the satellites to provide this service globally. Data centers, stock exchanges and cell phone providers are implementing these capabilities today. The major wireless operators are seeing that more and more of the 5G infrastructure they roll out is going indoors, where GPS doesn’t reach. We provide a solution that integrates with their existing solutions and can provide reliable timing capabilities.

A longer version of the Q&A appears online and goes into greater depth, including about how customers deploy STL, the bright future for LEO PNT, and government policies around complementary PNT.