GPS World recently published “Opening presentations at ITSNT focus on PNT resilience” highlighting the opening presentations to be given at the upcoming International Technical Symposium on Navigation and Timing in Toulouse, France from November 13-16, 2018. Opening presentations will include the following:

  • “Towards a Comprehensive Approach for Obtaining Resilient PNT” by Logan Scott, a U.S. consultant specializing in radio frequency signal processing and waveform design.
  • “Perspectives of PNT Services Supported by Mega-Constellations” by Francis Soualle, a French engineer specializing in GNSS architectural concepts, orbit determination, signal design and receiver performances at Airbus Defense and Space.
  • “Resilient Positioning, Navigation, and Timing” by Karen van Dyke, director of PNT & Spectrum Management at the U.S. Dept. Of Transportation.

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