GoGeomatics — a leading news source in the geospatial community — recently published a wide-ranging story entitled “Progress in Addressing GPS/GNSS Vulnerabilities” that takes a close look at:

  • our dependence on and the economic value of GPS/GNSS
  • certain vulnerabilities of GPS/GNSS and what is being done
  • serious threats to PNT-dependent critical infrastructure
  • the need for GPS/GNSS backups and alternatives

The author took a deep dive view on various alternative PNT technologies when writing about the last item above and for insight turned to Christina Riley, VP of Commercial PNT at Satelles. Christina was quoted in the piece about the operational features and performance characteristics of a category of PNT services based on signals from low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites.

In speaking about Satellite Time and Location (STL) from Satelles as the most robust source of LEO PNT that is currently available, Christina pointed out the tremendous signal strength (1,000 times stronger than GPS) that makes it difficult to disrupt or manipulate while also allowing it to penetrate indoor and underground environments. She also explained how the orbital altitude of LEO satellites helps protect them from certain types of space phenomena.

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