A new National Space Policy recently issued by the White House “acknowledges the importance of space to the advancement of all humanity.” According to an announcement from the Office of Space Commerce, “[t]he National Space Policy sets out the nation’s commitment to leading in the responsible and constructive use of space, promoting a robust commercial space industry, returning Americans to the Moon and preparing for Mars, leading in exploration, and defending United States and allied interests in space.”

The National Space Policy outlines a number of cross sector guidelines that will uphold the principles and achieve the goals of the policy. One of the guidelines is “Maintain and Enhance Space-based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Systems,” and it states that “[t]he United States must maintain its leadership in the service, provision, and responsible use of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).”

This specific guideline calls for the preservation and protection of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and advocates for “the continued use of allied and other trusted international PNT services in conjunction with GPS” (e.g., Galileo and other GNSS), but it also includes two directives related to alternative PNT:

  • Identify and promote, as appropriate, multiple and diverse complementary PNT systems or approaches for critical infrastructure and mission-essential functions; and
  • Promote the responsible use of United States space-based PNT services and capabilities in civil and commercial sectors at the Federal, State, and local levels, including the utilization of multiple and diverse complementary PNT systems or approaches for national critical functions.

In its own press release on the National Space Policy, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security — which earlier in 2020 issued its own report on alternative forms of PNT for critical civil and commercial infrastructure applications — said that they would be “implementing the policy’s guidance to ensure the security of America’s citizens, values, and homeland.”

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