Dr. Gregory Gutt (pronounced 'goot') received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in Electrical Engineering (1997). His advisors were Prof. Gene Franklin and Prof. Brad Parkinson. After Stanford, Greg became a founder and VP of Engineering at IntegriNautics (later renamed Novariant and subsequently acquired by AgJunction). Greg led a team to develop precision GPS guidance systems for farm tractors, and the success of that endeavor transformed the company. Greg was the first President of the Autofarm focused company. Later, Novariant became the market leader in high accuracy GPS guidance systems for farming.

Greg holds over 40 patents in the areas of satellite navigation, guidance, and integrated circuits. Numerous other patent applications are pending. His awards include: Boeing Breakthrough Achievement Award; Boeing Technical Fellow; Space Foundation – Space Technology Hall of Fame, Certificate of Commendation for AutoFarm System; Boeing Innovation Award for Technical Leadership.