Excerpt  from article in Satellite Today – “For example, Satelles, an engineering company and Iridium partner, has leveraged the network contract to develop its positioning, navigation and timing systems over Iridium’s LEO constellation to provide an alternative to Global Positioning System (GPS) in environments where it is unavailable or threatened. Satelles hopes to offer its commercial service next April over the continental U.S. while demand for the broadcast signal anywhere on the globe continues to grow. The company sees a major market for its technology in unattended ground sensors along borders.”

“Our signal is strong, coming from a low-earth orbiting satellite, and it’s using a channel that is just harder to disrupt,” says Gregory Gutt, president and CTO, describing the signal as “1,000-times stronger than GPS,” which uses Medium-Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites at an altitude of approximately 20,000 miles that require the signal to travel much farther to Earth.”

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