GPS World recently published its 2017 State of the GNSS Industry Report and included an interview from Satelles CTO and President, Dr. Greg Gutt.  Dr. Gutt’s commentary is as follows:  “I believe the PNT community is poised for a revolution today, a revolution similar to that which occurred after the end of the AT&T Bell Systems monopoly. Within 10 years of this breakup, the world witnessed a revolution in communications: New providers and technologies reinvented what it was to make a phone call. The pre-1984 system is hardly recognizable from the vast web of networks available today for the benefit of the consumer and overall resiliency.

Flash forward to the present. In addition to an expanding array of government-sponsored GNSS infrastructure, private industry is beginning to offer terrestrial and space-based solutions for PNT that augment GNSS to offer additional resilience and security.

For example, in 2016 the first privately operated, worldwide, space-based PNT solution appeared: the Iridium/Satelles service from low-Earth-orbit satellites. GNSS and GPS are remarkable achievements. However, as new needs and threats continue to emerge, the world needs new solutions that can provide choices, and resiliency based on specific needs and use cases.”   Link to full report